Thursday, April 28, 2016

Daytime Heroes: Mighty Mouse in Goons From The Moon (1951)

Terrytoons decided to poke fun at science fiction tropes in this 1951 Mighty Mouse entry, "Goons From The Moon". A planet-shaped meteor crashes on Earth, bearing a race of winged cats, bent on feasting on the rodent inhabitants of Terrytown.......

Tom Morrison, at the time the voice of Mighty Mouse, tells the tale using a Walter Winchell-esque reporter to move the story along. That joke got old very quickly, though. There's only so many variants on the central theme of mice vs. cats.....

Rating: B-.

You Know The Voice: Olan Soule (1965)

As we've documented in the past, character actor Olan Soule had logged plenty of time in front of the cameras before being hired by Filmation for their adaptation of Batman in 1968. With a resume that includes Dragnet, Dennis the Menace, Captain Midnight, & The Andy Griffith Show, it's a wonder Olan didn't land a lead role in one of those anthology dramas.

Anyway, he turns up in a 1965 episode of Gunsmoke, "The Avengers", playing a barber. James Gregory & John Saxon also guest star. Olan turns up around the 10:00 mark.

Seems kind of fitting, since it was announced that DC & Boom! Studios will be teaming in July for Batman '66 Meets Steed & Mrs. Peel. In other words, the Dynamic Duo will be meeting TV's The Avengers. Oh, what fun!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

From Comics to Toons: The Origin of the Incredible Hulk (1982)

When Stan Lee decided to add himself to the animation mix at Marvel by narrating The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, you knew that Lee was going to see to it that the origins of the heroes would be told.

In the case of the Hulk, Lee and Marvel Productions took full advantage of the resources available, contrary to Canada's Grantray-Lawrence and Krantz Films, which went the cheap route 50 years ago, adapting the Marvel Superheroes Show directly off the printed page. Sixteen years later, the more definitive "Origin of the Hulk" made its way to NBC.......

It's been 20 years since Da Hulkster's last series, so don't ya think he's overdue for a small screen solo series again?

Rating: A.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Joyride (1977)

When The All New Super Friends Hour launched on September 10, 1977, we were, of course, still in the last days of summer. This week, schools in the home district are enjoying their spring break (the colleges had spring break last month), so why not give the kiddo's a little beach action?

The Wonder Twins made their debut in the episode, "Joyride". This has to do with a couple of boys stealing a plane, unaware it has engine issues. How the Twins' costumes magically appeared at the end of the story, when Jayna was dressed in a 2 piece bikini, and Zan in swim trunks, at the start, is one of those unsolved mysteries of animation production. Bob Hastings, who was still on All in the Family at the time or about to transition to General Hospital is heard as the mechanic and as Corky, the would-be pilot, as Corky sounds almost like a hero Hastings played a decade earlier----Superboy!

Another blooper, as you can clearly see in the title card. The Twins' costumes make it appear as though the picture is backwards. As Jayna would say, the production department was a little, ah, spacey during post-production editing. "Joyride" marked one of Bob Hastings' last voice jobs for Hanna-Barbera, as he had worked on Clue Club a year earlier.

Rating: A.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tooniversary: Captain Caveman & Son (1986)

Captain Caveman returned to ABC in 1986, this time as a show-within-a-show backup feature on The Flintstone Kids. "The world's first superhero", as it was claimed 9 years earlier, had returned to the Stone Age when NBC picked him up and added him to the Flintstones mythos in 1980.

This time, Cavey (Mel Blanc) has a son, Cavey, Jr. (Charlie Adler), with whom he shares his adventures. In other words, this time around, it was even more for laughs than before.

In one instance, it was even a family affair, as Cavey's mom joined the fun for a day. Anyway, each episode opens with Fred and pals gathered in front of a TV for the show.

Here's "Leave it to Mother":

Geez, don't they look like Mr. Potato Head & family with hair?

Rating: C.

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Me & Mrs. Jones (1972)

It's time to get back on board the Soul Train with a 1-hit wonder from Billy Paul, 1972's "Me & Mrs. Jones".

In memory of Billy, who passed away today at 81. Rest in peace.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Toonformercial: Captain America shows you how to save energy (1980)

Captain America hasn't had any solo series, although one was in the planning stages at Fox in the 90's, since his segment of The Marvel Superheroes Show launched 50 years ago. Now, we all know that Marvel purchased DePatie-Freleng Productions in time to produce Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends and a solo Spider-Man series in 1981, but did you know that their first project may have actually been the following PSA with Cap?

The PSA made the rounds for several years during the 80's, but, again, I have little memory of seeing it on TV.